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Information Centre: the Dominican Republic has a rich and storied history that traces back over 8,000 years to the arrival of the Taino Indians. Following the island's discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the Republic had epic interaction with the Spanish, French, Haitians and Africans. It's no wonder, then, how the Dominican Republic came to boast such an impressive collection of personal and cultural relics from centuries past.
The country has done a magnificent job of maintaining and preserving these artifacts as well as the historical structures in which they're housed. Visiting the Dominican Republic's major cities, especially Santo Domingo, tourists can easily become engrossed in the historical legends that accompany some of the oldest museums and archeological sites in the New World.
The Dominican Republic also has a unique collection of natural rocks and gems that can only be found on the island. Near Barahona, a turquoise-blue pectolite stone known as larimar has been cultivated from the volcanic rock that once formed the island. The country's most popular gem, amber, is the result of tree sap that hardened millions of years ago, sometimes capturing small plants, animals and insects inside. These two geological imprints are used in jewelry, sometimes together and other times in single pieces.

The country's museums and archeological sites intrigue adults and provide a historical lesson for children. From jewelry to religious artifacts, castles to caves, each venue showcases a vastly different aspect of the island's colorful heritage.

Rum production in the Caribbean is attributed to the African colonists who brought sugar cane with them to make crystallized sugar and molasses. They noticed, however, that the molasses began to ferment when left in

Music & Dance
Passing through the streets of the Dominican Republic visitors are sure to notice the handmade posters that hang from telephone poles promoting an upcoming merengue or bachata night at a nearby venue.

Entrance, visit and permanent resident requirements
Gaining residence in the Dominican Republic
Foreigners may gain the right to reside in the Dominican Republic by acquiring a residence visa from the Foreign Relations Ministry and a temporary or permanent residence card from the Immigration Department. Read More...

Visa classifications

Residence visa

Obtaining  Dominican Nationality

Naturalization Procedure

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